Dance, Dance, Dance the night away

A talented author named, Jess C. Scott once said that, “a fit and healthy body—that is the best fashion statement”. Her maxim lived by and reeled me into my new passion: staying fit and sexy through dancing. This ultimately gave birth to my dancing studio.

When I was younger, I knew that I was made for dancing. Even though naturally, I am a clumsy person, I am always sure footed once I get on the dance floor. Dancing became more of a passion, than just an art. It has become a way of living and the ultimate creative means of self-expression. As philosophical as it may sound, but Nietzsche and I have a common ground on his saying that, “We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” Dancing for me is life.

Dance Moves

So after years and years of saving my hard earned work money, I finally got the chance to build my own dance studio where I can share my passion and my art to equally passionate dance enthusiasts. What do I get from this? Well, aside from a steady increase in my source of income, I also get a boost in my art. I get to teach, learn at the same time and make good friends and connection from this lovely dance studio, which I call my second home or my sanctuary. For me this is not only my own personal haven, but also to those who fell in love with the art of dancing.

Each day, Dance Enthusiasts from different age range come here to practice their craft. In the morning, cute toddlers in their fluffy tutus rehearse ballet. Sport Dancers, who are honed in the art of Latin and Modern Dance, spice up the afternoon with their sizzling hot dance numbers. Then there’s the Hip Hop crew that cranks the studio with their latest dance moves every night.


Since I treat this building as my home, I always look upon it with great care. That way, my students and my clients would have a conducive and a comfortable learning space while they’re sweating it out. Running a studio and teaching my students, while working at the same time is definitely something that I can’t do alone. So after cleaning the carpets for the 3rd time in as many months, my carpet cleaner told me if I washed the sidewalk in front of the door outside it would help clean the front office lobby carpet clean longer.  So I did a Yahoo search for Pressure Washing Services, I found a company named Wall2Wall Cleaning Services. I clicked on their add in Yahoo and filled out their contact form. A few more chores and I will be good for at least another month.

Along with cleanliness your health is a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to performing at your max capacity. Eating and sleeping well can’t be stressed enough. Imagine your car being ran low on oil or even out of gas. It just wouldn’t run well. Your body is the same except when your body’s engine goes it’s gone.

Dancing tips and information


Dancing is a great art that is practiced by so many people all around the world. We often come across lots of dancers when we get to watch any reality show or dance talent hunt program. Well, although few people are special and they are given a special gift by god if they have this incredible talent, yet this art form is so popular that people generally go crazy over dance. In order to get a perfect knowledge and training about this extraordinary talent, they join reputed dance institutes to brush up or learn this skill.

Dance is a very unusual form of talent and in order to grasp the proper knowledge and understanding about the same, you need an expert advice. There are people who cannot afford the extraordinary expenses that are required to adapt the perfect knowledge about the skill and because of this we present you some best tips to get the perfect understanding. All you need is a calm mind and a dedicated soul.

  1. Terminology: There are some basic terminology that is required to be learnt perfectly when you are about to start your dance training. Make sure you decide form of dance that you are interested about and you are mostly inclined to, because dance is a very broad art form. Right from the forms like classical, contemporary, bollywood, salsa and many more, there are unlimited dance forms in the world. Decide what you like and collect all the information about that dance form, right from the terms used to etiquette required and expressions adapted.
  2. Beginners’ training: If you are one of those god gifted people who already know some amazing dance moves, you need to start from the scratch. There are people who are so passionate about dance that they are willing to do anything for dance. For a person who is just a beginner in dance, you need to train yourself well so that your body can move freely. Try exercises, weight control, stretching and jumping very well so that you get to learn the dance moves in no time.
  3. Take the help of an internet guru: We live in a world where everything is easily available just by a click of our fingers. Nowadays, everyone has access to internet and they offer the most time and money efficient opportunities. You can take the help of your internet and switch to websites like YouTube where you can get millions of dance training classes for free. These videos are available just for the people who either cannot afford expensive dance classes or cannot manage their time well for joining a dance class. They can learn every single moves of their favorite dance form here.
  4. Dance outfit: It is very necessary that you follow all the guidelines that are required to learn this form of art inside out. Your outfit can be a game-changer while you begin your training. Make sure you abide by all the rules and regulations of how to dress, dance and perform a move if you are passionate about learning this incredible skill flawlessly.